Super Bowl simulation using Madden NFL 23 in 2022

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Super Bowl simulation using Madden NFL 23 in 2022

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EA Sports has released the results of its annual Super Bowl simulation using Madden NFL 23. The game is predicting - as many sportswriters, fans, Vegas oddsmakers, and even Tecmo Bowl have also believed--that this year's Carolina Panthers will beat the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50 Mut 23 coins.

Carolina will block Peyton Manning's chance to win the 2nd Super Bowl by the score of 24-20 according to the simulation. Carolina quarterback Cam Newton will be named Super Bowl MVP after a 19-26-passing performance during which Newton scores 221 yards and a touchdown. The simulation predicts that Newton will win the game for Carolina by scoring a touchdown rushing.

Manning isn't having an off day as he went 21-37 for 231 yards with two scores in the defeat. The simulation predicted that the Broncos would be 17 points down at the half. Manning played a key role in a second half fightback, and Aqib Talib snatched away Newton however it did not suffice in the favor of the Broncos.

EA Sports also notes today that its Madden Super Bowl simulation has been able to accurately predict which team will be the Super Bowl winner for nine of the past 12 games. In the past, the simulation was astonishingly precise, not just anticipating that final outcome of New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks, but also success in predicting the Pats 4th quarter comeback, which was capped by a game-winning touchdown by Tom Brady to Julian Edelman.

"I do not buy into all the technology advancements, I'm old school, and considered, 'There's no way this technology can alter my game plan.' But I'm totally in on this. I'll keep an eye on pressures during the week. I'm sure I've flashbacks of a game experiencing the exact same pressures. Another thing that's amazing is that I can watch the mechanics because I am able to place it behind me buy mut coins.